ENABLE.EU presents its results at a Ukrainian round table on renewable energy

ENABLE.EU presents its results at a round table on renewable energyOn 4 December 2018 in Kiev, the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI” held a round table on “Renewable Energy in Ukraine: Government Policies, Bottlenecks, Solutions”, as part of the ENABLE.EU project. The Centre’s experts presented the project’s research results regarding the production of electricity based on renewable energy sources (RES), governmental bottlenecks, energy efficiency and transporting electricity. Representatives of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, Ukrainian energy associations, Ukrainian experts in corresponding sectors discussed key issues in RES, energy efficiency and energy saving fields. The views expressed will be included in the final reports that will be presented to EU institutions and Ukrainian governmental bodies.

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Presentation on the prosumer case study (in Ukrainian)

Presentation on Government policy on development of RES in Ukraine (in Ukrainian)