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ENABLE.EU at the 29th Economic Forum: Reflecting the energy transition in Europe

Economy Forum panel photoThe Energy Forum of the 29th Economic Forum (03-05.09.2019, Krynica-Zdroj, Poland) focused on the energy transition in Europe, particularly on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy saving, consumer behaviour, electrification of transport, renewables in heating, and investments in energy projects.

Experts from the ENABLE.EU project, Mykhailo Gonchar, President of the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, and Vitalii Martyniuk, its Executive Director, disseminated outputs of the ENABLE.EU project concerning factors that influence consumers’ behaviour with regard to energy efficiency and energy saving measures in the electricity and heating sectors. They also presented possible solutions to motivate consumers to use energy efficient technologies and equipment and households to install small solar electricity stations.

photo of panel at energy forumVitalii Martyniuk moderated the discussion panel on “Energy Policy in Europe – in Search of the Golden Mean” at the Energy Forum of the 29th Economic Forum, which focused on the aforementioned issues. He presented key outputs of the ENABLE.EU project concerning influences on consumer behavior, energy efficiency and energy saving as ways to reduce energy consumption and demand, and the contribution of renewable energy sources (RES) to reduced energy imports. While renewables are used at a high enough level in the electricity sector, they remain underutilized in the transport and heating sectors, where they need additional investments.

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