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Following is a list of the project’s deliverables. Links to the reports will be added as they become available.

Comprehensive bibliography of relevant scientific articles and books on energy choices

Comprehensive literature review

Comparative sociological analysis of business enterprises’ survey results

Drivers of household adoption of energy-saving technologies using the English Housing Survey

The impact of energy prices and otehr policies on energy-saving innovation and technology adoption in the manufacturing sector (French company data)

Economic factors impacting individual short-term energy choices

Economic factors impacting individual long-term energy choices

Economic factors impacting collective/company energy choices

Final report on the comparative sociological analysis of the household survey results

Synthesis report on the “low carbon mobility” case study

Synthesis report on the “from consumer to prosumer” case study

Synthesis report on the “heating & cooling” case study

Policy paper with recommendations for “triple dividend” low carbon options in the field of heating & cooling

Final report on social and cultural factors impacting energy chocies and behaviour

Governance barriers for the social acceptability of energy transition technologies and policies

Nine national case study reports on governance barriers to energy transition

Synthesis case study report with policy recommendations

National policies, strategies, practices and non-technical bottlenecks in low carbon energy technology implementation

Transition visioning workshop report

Transitions practice backcasting workshops’ report

Transition practice framework workshop report

Participatory foresight evaluation report

Working paper detailing the model development

Working paper describing the scenarios and the implications of the scenarios for the Energy Union

Newsletter 1

Newsletter 2

Newsletter 3

Synthesis of ENABLE.EU’s findings