What is the Energy Union?

The Energy Union means making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable. It will allow a free flow of energy across borders and a secure supply in every EU country, for every European. New technologies and renewed infrastructure will cut household bills and create new jobs and skills, as companies expand exports and boost growth. It will lead to a sustainable, low carbon and environmentally friendly economy, putting Europe at the forefront of renewable energy production and the fight against global warming.

How will ENABLE.EU help the Energy Union reach these goals?

  • The key socio-economic drivers of individual and collective energy choices will be determined by analysing the interrelation between various factors, such as social norms, belief systems, everyday practices and economic aspects.
  • This analysis will be enhanced through a cross-country comparison in 11 nations, to better comprehend the factors that drive or impede everyday routines and practices.
  • This improved understanding of people’s motivations will increase social acceptance, making citizens active participants in the consumption and production of energy.

Expected results

  • Better understanding of the social, economic, cultural and governance aspects of energy decisions, and differences among countries;
  • Identification of the key bottlenecks that discourage energy transitions as well as the factors that motivate people to change;
  • Realistic picture of the challenges and drivers for energy research and innovation, and the development of strategies to facilitate the transition to a system that will deliver clean energy to all Europeans;
  • Formulation of policy recommendations to encourage the adaptation of both new and existing environmental technologies.

ENABLE.EU will provide a better understanding of the drivers of energy choices in three areas of consumption... 


moving towards pollution-free mobility

Heating & cooling

comfort that is more efficient and sustainable


using power in a way that is smarter and less CO2-intensive

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ENABLE.EU’s social media initiatives are now online

ENABLE.EU has now launched its social media channels. Its LinkedIn page describes the project and offers an overview of its objectives, while the Twitter feed will provide both project news and the latest energy developments (through retweeting). Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter in order to stay informed about ENABLE.EU!

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