Carrying on the good work: The ASSET project

ASSET (A holistic and Scalable Solution for research, innovation and education in Energy Transition) is an European project funded under Horizon2020 that aims to build and provide the tools required to create abilities, skills and knowledge needed to foster the energy transition.

ASSET aims to:

  • Engage a variety of actors – universities, research centres, students, companies from the energy sector, European, national and regional policy makers, civil society and citizens – in a community of protagonists of the energy transition;
  • Define a framework that can support the update and creation of new learning modules;
  • Strengthen the link between academia and industry;
  • Develop innovative and replicable programmes that can train students, employees and citizens and cultivate new talents.

ASSET groupThe project will capitalise on results from other Horizon2020 projects in the field of energy and education, and hopes to offer solutions to support the energy transition through the improvement of abilities, skills and knowledge of the entire community involved in ASSET.

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