Learn more about how Europeans are enabling the energy transition with the following projects:


The overarching objective of ECHOES is to unlock the policy potential of an integrated social science perspective on energy behaviour. This includes socio-cultural, socio-economic, socio-political, and gender issues that influence individual and collective energy choices as well as social acceptance of the energy transition in Europe. Hereby, ECHOES will foster the implementation of the SET (Strategic Energy Technologies)-Plan Actions and advance towards the Energy Transition, as well as the decarbonizing of EU’s future energy system.


ENERGISE adopts a Living Labs approach to directly observe existing energy cultures in a real-world setting and to test both household and community-level initiatives to reduce energy consumption. A comprehensive review and classification of household and community energy initiatives from 30 European countries provides the foundation for the development of two prototype ‘ENERGISE Living Labs’ designed to capture influences on individual and collective energy consumption.


PROSEU is an EU-funded research project, bringing together eleven project partners from seven European countries. It aims to enable the mainstreaming of the renewable energy Prosumer phenomenon into the European Energy Union. Prosumers are active energy users who both produce and consume energy from renewable sources.

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At we believe that energy efficiency means energy savings, energy sobriety and energy solidarity. The goal is to achieve an equilibrium between consumption and renewable production. Energy efficiency also means encouraging responsible investments by members so that they can save money on their energy bills (kilowatt/hours), particularly those who are most vulnerable. We believe that cooperative engagement is a way to empower more energy efficient behavior, regardless of wealth.


The SMARTEES project will enhance energy-related local social innovation by developing a policy sandbox tool based on the experience of its frontrunner cities.