ENABLE.EU’s interactive transitions website is online!

What has shaped our energy consumption over the past 40 years? How do we consume energy now? What will energy consumption look like in 20 years? And what can we do to change the path we’re on?

The ENABLE.EU project has spent the last three years studying people’s energy consumption and prosumption. A new interactive transitions website built for the project takes a look at the big events that have influenced our energy consumption in the past. It then examines the factors affecting European consumption in three areas: prosumption, energy efficiency, and mobility. To get a sense of what energy use might be like in twenty years, the project has used participatory foresight to build scenarios depicting two possible energy futures. The site breaks these down into four subsections: a general overview, prosumption, energy efficiency, and mobility, describing what the world will look like in 2040 in each of these areas if we keep moving in the same direction, or if we change course towards a more sustainable future. Finally, a roadmap section proposes some positive changes that we can make right now to bring us closer to a low carbon future.

Explore the site to better understand European energy consumption and to find out what you can do!

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