Energy efficiency and energy saving in Ukraine

Vitalii Martyniuk, Acting Executive Director of the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, and expert working on the ENABLE.EU project, noted that, even just 7-8 years ago, Ukrainians did not use to save energy resources in heating because the resources were cheap and not measured properly. But the situation changed dramatically in 2014, when the prices increased for energy resources, particularly for natural gas. He presented the drivers that have influenced the behaviour of Ukrainian consumers of energy resources, encouraging the use of energy-saving measures and energy efficient technologies. Key drivers include: the desire to save money; the move towards self-governance of multi-flat buildings; heating autonomy; the quality of heating systems and provided services; the availability of and prices for new energy-saving technologies; and investment opportunities. The balance of energy efficiency measures between district heating systems and individual buildings and apartments is important, as the opposite leads to losses of heating energy. The primary task for Ukraine is to distribute responsibility for energy efficiency and energy saving among the government, local authorities, private companies, condominiums and households. Participants of the discussion focused on the possibility of using alternative types of energy resources in heating, relevant only for private homes in Ukraine.

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