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Your bright ideas: Join the conversation on energy transitions

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In April 2017, ENABLE.EU launched its website at It features information about the Energy Union, the project, its target groups and expected impacts, and the consortium. Users can download the project’s leaflet in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish, learn more about the project by taking a look at the project presentation, and […]

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Creating sparks: ENABLE.EU events

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In the first year of the project, ENABLE.EU held two project meetings and began a series of national focus groups, designed to find out what energy challenges people face in everyday life. The results of these focus groups will be presented next summer in a series of formal reports that can be read and downloaded […]

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A flash of inspiration: What do we already know about energy choices?

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As the first year of ENABLE.EU draws to a close, a comprehensive bibliography and review of the scientific research on energy choices have been published on the website. Covering over four hundred scientific articles, the state-of-the-art review of the literature examines the social and economic drivers of individual and collective energy choices. It consists of literature reviews […]

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The heat is on: The transnational survey and case studies

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ENABLE.EU is currently conducting a household survey in eleven countries regarding individual and collective energy choices. The survey is aimed at understanding the energy-related habits, opinions and attitudes that shape people’s energy choices. It will also decipher the social, cultural, technological, economic and psychological factors at play, and look for insights into their relationship to […]