ENABLE.EU’s conclusions on prosumers’ behavior presented in Kiev

ECOBUSINESS in UKRAINE – 2019The Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI” (CGSS21) took part in the fourth All-Ukrainian ECOFORUM-2019 entitled “ECOBUSINESS in UKRAINE – 2019”, organized by the National Education Center and “ECOBUSINESS” on April 22, 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Vitalii Martyniuk, Acting Executive Director and Head of International Programs of CGSS21, presented the ENABLE.EU project and drew attention to the factors that influenced the households’ decision to install solar panels on their houses. In Ukraine, the most important factor is the income from electricity production, thanks to the “green tariff”, with eco-factors holding the 5th to 7th position depending on the region. With regard to this, the Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE), Sergiy Savchuk, said that the Ukrainian Parliament has adopted new taxes on CO2 emissions (which have increased 24 times) that would stimulate eco-factors for electricity producers.

ECOBUSINESS in UKRAINE – 2019Yurii Shafarenko, Director of the Department of Renewable Energy Sources of SAEE, noted that the total capacity of Ukrainian power plants using renewables was 3136 MW by the beginning of 2019. This demonstrates Ukraine’s capacity to reach the goal of 11% of total electricity production by 2020.

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