Drivers of citizens’ electricity consumption

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To build a clean energy future, the European Union aims at increasing energy efficiency by 32.5% by 2030. With households making up a large share of a country’s energy consumption, the successful implementation of this aim hinges on citizens’ electricity consumption. But what policies actually influence citizens’ electricity consumption? This session discussed this question by […]

Environmental stringency and industrial competitiveness

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In 2018, Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated by industrial activity account for  about 40% of the total EU emissions. Some EU governments have already adopted policies aimed at reducing industrial emissions. France, for example, developed an ambitious policy framework for the energy transition, including carbon pricing instruments. To determine implications of these policies on industry […]

Policy recommendations

Empowering consumers, enabling the energy transition

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On the way towards the EU Energy Union, the question on the consumers’ role in the energy transition becomes more and more appealing. By understanding what drives their energy choices, policymakers can make targeted decisions and influence the consumers to choose more sustainably. Since 2016, researchers from 12 European organisations have put consumers’ energy behaviours […]

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Policy recommendations from ENABLE.EU

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Europe is building its clean energy future. While European companies deploy new solutions and policymakers develop a new legal framework, it is essential to consider citizens’ energy behaviours in the energy transition. The Horizon 2020 ENABLE.EU project attempts to understand the key drivers of individual and collective energy choices. At the governance level, we investigated […]

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ENABLE.EU at the 29th Economic Forum: Reflecting the energy transition in Europe

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The Energy Forum of the 29th Economic Forum (03-05.09.2019, Krynica-Zdroj, Poland) focused on the energy transition in Europe, particularly on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy saving, consumer behaviour, electrification of transport, renewables in heating, and investments in energy projects. Experts from the ENABLE.EU project, Mykhailo Gonchar, President of the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy […]

ENABLE.EU final conference announcement

Register now for the ENABLE.EU final conference!

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Enabling the Energy Transition: Understanding the drivers of energy choices in Europe Thursday 26 September 2019 Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi 75 Brussels, Belgium Join us to understand how behaviours and practices shape the energy transition. As the European Union embraces a citizen-oriented energy transition, we have researched how individuals make energy choices […]


ENABLE.EU at the EU Study Days in Odessa

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During the EU Study Days on 4-6 July 2019 in Odessa (Ukraine), Vitalii Martyniuk lectured to students from different Ukrainian universities and presented ENABLE.EU’s results. He told them about the EU policies and practices of energy security, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy saving and presented the project’s outcomes in those areas. Students analysed energy […]

ENABLE.EU on energy efficiency in Kiev on June 26

ENABLE.EU discusses energy efficiency, EU cooperation in Kiev

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At the discussion during the conference “Energy efficiency: challenges, prospects and possibilities to cooperate with the EU”, organised by the Institute of Regional Development on June 26, 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine, Vitalii Martyniuk, Executive Director of CGSS21, talked about the ENABLE.EU project, presented its outcomes on factors influencing consumers’ decisions to use energy efficient technologies, […]

CGSS21 meeting in Ukraine June 19

ENABLE.EU’s outputs stimulate discussions in Ukraine

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How can we motivate local authorities to adopt energy efficient measures? ENABLE.EU’s results lead to some interesting discussions in Ukraine Experts from the ENABLE.EU project from the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI” (CGSS21, Ukraine) presented ways to motivate consumers to use energy efficient technologies and equipment and to encourage households to install small solar […]