ENABLE.EU final conference

Addressing governance challenges to energy transitions in Europe

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During this session, which focused on the governance implications of the energy transition in Europe, experts from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Norway and Serbia outlined some important bottlenecks that hamper the policy design and implementation in their countries and how they could be overcome. Emilie Magdalinski (JDI) highlighted the difficult coordination of the energy transition in […]

panel discussion

Understanding citizens’ views on reducing heating energy use

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The session on heating and cooling built on the ENABLE.EU heating case study involving France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine and Hungary, focusing on the role of heating practices, energy-saving opportunities and obstacles to energy efficiency improvements in households. After presenting the outcomes of the research in Hungary, France and Ukraine, the audience was asked about the […]

Drivers of citizens’ electricity consumption

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To build a clean energy future, the European Union aims at increasing energy efficiency by 32.5% by 2030. With households making up a large share of a country’s energy consumption, the successful implementation of this aim hinges on citizens’ electricity consumption. But what policies actually influence citizens’ electricity consumption? This session discussed this question by […]

Environmental stringency and industrial competitiveness

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In 2018, Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated by industrial activity account for  about 40% of the total EU emissions. Some EU governments have already adopted policies aimed at reducing industrial emissions. France, for example, developed an ambitious policy framework for the energy transition, including carbon pricing instruments. To determine implications of these policies on industry […]

Policy recommendations

Empowering consumers, enabling the energy transition

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On the way towards the EU Energy Union, the question on the consumers’ role in the energy transition becomes more and more appealing. By understanding what drives their energy choices, policymakers can make targeted decisions and influence the consumers to choose more sustainably. Since 2016, researchers from 12 European organisations have put consumers’ energy behaviours […]