The new citizens’ forum on the energy transition

ENABLE.EU's citizens' forumThe households who will take part in the Transition Backcasting Workshop in November have been invited to register at our online forum, where they can share their experiences and opinions regarding the energy transition both before and after the event.

They can post videos, create and answer polls, attach documents, ask questions from our energy experts and voice their thoughts and ideas regarding the energy transition. The forum allows them to reply to or comment on other people’s questions, as well as vote on posts and responses.

The idea is that they will get to know each other virtually, and begin the conversation well before they arrive in Rome. What is it like to be a prosumer in Germany vs. a prosumer in Spain? In leading the transition towards more sustainable energy, what barriers have they faced? Or what has made the transition easier or more rewarding for them? By posting questions and talking about their experiences, they can begin comparing energy practices in their home country with those in other countries, and imagining ways to improve those practices – ways that they will explore in depth at the November workshop.

Visit the citizens’ forum